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Vehicle Leasing Made Easy.

Addison Leasing is a division of the Addison Automotive Group located in Mississauga, Ontario that has been in business since 1952. Addison Leasing specializes in consumer and commercial vehicle leasing. We are able to lease any make or model and customize a leasing solution to fit your needs.

Lease Options are:

  1. Open end guaranteed residual (with no kilometer restrictions)
  2. Closed end
  3. Short term
  4. Sale and leaseback
  5. $1 Buyback leases and more

Please contact one of our experienced sales associates to learn more about our leasing solutions. You can use the contact section below or simply call 1-866-260-0565 or email

Consumer Leasing

Are you interested in leasing a vehicle? Do you have a vehicle picked out at a dealership already? Do you want the freedom of changing vehicles every few years?

Benefits to leasing and working with Addison Leasing:

  • Customizable leases to fit your needs and lifestyle
  • Ability to change your vehicle more frequently
  • No lengthy finance contact commitments
  • Pick up and drop off car – no pressure of selling your vehicle
  • Short term leasing
  • Bad Credit - no credit – on a work permit? – we can help
Addison Leasing
Addison Leasing

Sale & Leaseback

Do you currently own your vehicle or have it financed through a bank? We can buy that vehicle from you or your current financing company, and lease it back to you for reduced payments, putting money back in your pocket.

Is your vehicle financed or currently leased? If you have equity in your vehicle, we can buy it from your financial company and lease it back to you, which can result in lower monthly payments, ultimately saving you money!

Commercial Leasing

With over 60 years of experience in commercial leasing, we have the expertise and knowledge to build you options to meet your company’s fleet needs. Whether it’s a new fleet, additions to a current fleet or simply adding a vehicle in your company name, one of our fleet experts can customize a solution to meet your needs. To speak to one of our fleet experts, please contact or visit for more information.

Addison Leasing
Addison Leasing


At Addison Leasing we have an in-house insurance brokerage that specializes in auto and home insurance. Do you need insurance for a new car or would you like to receive a second opinion on your current insurance? Addison Leasing customers will receive discounted rates through our many insurance providers. Please e-mail for more information and your quick and free quote.


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